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GHION Logistics

GHION International offers you all the advantages of a family-run transport company with the "everything from a single source" service.

We collect goods of all kinds directly from your place all over Germany as well as in Switzerland, Austria and Belgium. Alternatively, we commission a well-known transport company with pick-up service like DHL, UPS and FedEx.

All goods are packed in a safe way - either at your collection point or in our warehouses in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) or in Liege (Belgium).

The goods are packaged in the most cost-effective way – either on pallets or oversized in small 20 foot or large 40 foot containers.

Safe transport with well-known freight companies or by freight with Ethiopian Airlines or Lufthansa.

Another great advantage for you: we take care of all formalities at home and abroad.

Our fleet consists of transporters in five different sizes with a load weight of up to 12 tonnes. Which transporter has the appropriate size for your shipment? To check it click the adjacent table for an enlarged view (download here). In addition, we offer all conceivable transport options - just call as anytime




Goods of all kinds


Freight and transport


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Cargo Logistics & Services GmbH
Germany:  Ernst-Wiss-Straße 12  ·  65933 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. (+49) 69 -
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Belgium:  Rue Saint Exupéry 22, 4460 Grâce-Hollogne

Tel. (+32) 4235 8972



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